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A Windowbox for
Tenement Buildings

This project was a collaboration with Jazz Binding to create something that would make a change. Buzzbox is a kit designed specifically for tenement flats in Edinburgh and Glasgow. The Mission? To increase the amount of pollinators in our cities. By increasing the biodiversity of our streets we can provide them with valuable food resources to help them thrive. Each kit contains a specially designed window box with fixtures to ensure it can be used safely in tenement flats without causing any damage. A recycled plastic watering can and just the right amount of compost are also included. Buzzbox contains a plantable care guide, printed with biodegradable plant based inks on seed paper. The seeds are embedded within the paper and will successfully grow when planted into the windowboxes. The whole care guide can be planted or just the specified sections, allowing the user to keep a hard copy of the care instructions.

You can check out Jazz's work here: