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The Sea, The Sea

Graphic Props for Film

In this project, I took the book ‘The Sea, The Sea’ by Iris Murdoch and created a selection of props that would be needed if it were to be adapted into a film. The props all centre around the main character, Charles Arrowby, a bohemian, eccentric man who retires from his glittering career in the London theatre. After buying a remote house on the rocks by the sea, he hopes to escape from his tumultuous love affairs. However he unexpectedly bumps into his childhood sweetheart and sets his heart on destroying her marriage. His equilibrium is further disturbed when his friends all decide to come and keep him company and Charles finds his seaside idyll severely threatened by his obsessions. The film would be set in the 1970s, on the coast in a run-down house, Shruff End. The props have been designed to be authentic to the time period, based off historical research and references.